Choosing the Best Horse Shampoo

Caring for horses require the appropriate understanding on how groom a horse properly. It should be included in yout horse’s daily routine to ensure that your horse will remain healthy and well while under your care. One way of ensuring that your horse will look pleasant is choosing the best horse shampoo that you will need to provide the right coat care for your equine. Daily grooming not only establishes a stronger bond with your horse, but it will also help its coat to shed regularly, as well as help exfoliate dead skin. 

Making sure that your equine’s coat is shiny and healthy, also gives you the chance to check its overall health. Going over the animal’s head to toe, while shampooing it, will allow you to see if there is any cut, wounds, or any abnormalities in the horse. 

Once you and the horse get used to it, it will be easier to go through the process and your horse will thank you for it. 

Horse Shampoo

It’s time for your horse to shine!

You’ll need to get your horse cleaned to look, feel and smell clean. Keeping a healthy and happy horse is more than just providing your horse appropriate food and a well-maintained stable. You need to do more than those. Since horse cannot groom itself, you will need to do the grooming for them or have someone do it for you. Either way, you need to make sure that you know how to do it properly and what products to use to make the process more convenient and also see better results when you are done. 

To help you with the challenge, here are some tips that you may want to go through. 

Things to prepare for horse grooming

You will need the following tools to make sure you’ll be giving your horse a great grooming experience every time: 

  • hose with adjustable jet
  • bucket
  • sponge
  • dandy brush
  • comb
  • body scraper
  • a pair of scissors
  • gum boots
  • hair bands (or horse bands)
  • rugs,
  • skinny hood 
  • some vinegar 
  • appropriate horse shampoo and other cleaning agents

Your horse’s coat, mane, and tail may become dry and unruly. Their skin can also become dry, itchy and rough to touch. That is why you will need to regularly have them washed with a suitable conditioning shampoo that will bring back the life and shine to their glorious coat. 

Choosing the best horse shampoo

Regular shampoos will not be enough to provide your horse with the appropriate care that its coat, mane, and tail require. It is important that you get to use a suitable shampoo to help your horse look, feel and smell the way it should. 

Note that horse shampoos contain ingredients that usually are similar to those that are mixed in shampoos intended for human use. So, when choosing the shampoo for your equine, it is best that you go with one that is made with the right ingredients. A mixture of the right ingredients in shampoos made specifically for horses will definitely provide the right treatment for your horse’s coat. 

Be reminded however, that even if your horse’s mane or coat may look stronger, they can still experience the side effects of improper use of horse shampoos. Use just enough of the liquid, as anything in excess may only make your esquire’s mane and tail look dry and hard. 

Proper way to shampoo a horse

Before you shampoo your horse, make sure that any dirt, grass, or anything that can be easily removed from its hair, coat and mane be removed. 

Have the horse tide securely in an area spacious enough for the horse to move about even while being shampooed. 

Use warm water to hose down your horse. Begin at the front legs, then move up the horse’s shoulder, neck, back legs rump, and then its back. Wash its face gently after you are done with all other parts of the horse. 

Shampoo your horse from the shoulder down its legs with a dandy brush and in a circular motion. This not only effectively cleans the horse, but gives it a relaxing, soothing massage. You can do a second wash of the tail and the mane, but just make sure that you rinse off the horse thoroughly. 

Once done with shampooing, use some conditioner then rinse the horse thoroughly. You can also use a 5 to 1 part of vinegar and warm water as a final conditioner before giving your horse a final thorough rinse. 

Towel dry your horse using a clean, dry rug, and you are done. 

Again, making sure that your horse is given the proper grooming it needs, will require you to use the best horse shampoo. Give your horse enough time each day for the right grooming it needs to stay healthy and well. The first time may not be easily accomplished. Subsequent tries will definitely be easier than the first, but it will definitely be worth your while.