Ferret Toys Your Pet Will Love

Ferrets will never get tired while it is awake. They will entertain you (or itself) with its antics. These furry pets need to be physically and mentally stimulated. If you leave your pet to itself without anything to keep itself busy, you might just find your ferry digging, chewing whatever it can chew on, or just messing around anything within its reach. Give your furry friend endless hours of joy with some of the best ferret toys it will love to play with. Read on for some tips in choosing the best toys you can offer to your ferry.

When looking for toys to add in your pet’s housing, make sure to choose some that won’t pose any danger to your ferry’s health. It should also be durable enough so your pet will get to enjoy those toys you offered to your pet ferry.

The right toys will keep your pet mentally active and satisfied. If you can keep your pet enjoying its environment and everything in it, it will remain healthy. This can keep your pet free from stress, boredom, and even depression. If you can keep your ferry playing with its toys, you can also keep him out of those things that you don’t want your pet to play with.

Ferret Toys

Toys For Your Ferret

Ferrets love toys that stimulate their natural behaviors like digging, hunting, and tunneling. Thinking of what to give your pet for a toy? Here are some of the best options that you may consider.

  1. Give your pet toys that will keep it to be moving about. You can look for good quality battery-powered toys, elastic rings, and anything that will stimulate its hunting drive.
  2. Toys that create sounds will also work well with your furry friend. Your pet likes attention. Every time it hears some noise coming from the toy, it will think that it is sending some form of feedback. In essence, the ferret will think that its toy is interacting with it. You may consider giving your ferret toys that rattle, jingle, or just about anything that will attract its attention.

You may also think of giving your ferret some squeaky toys. While it is good that your pet ferry gets used to such a sound, it will be best to reserve such a toy for emergency purposes. Your pet may associate the squeaking sound with kittens or another ferret that is in danger. However, it can best be used to train your pet to respond immediately when you may need it to be safe from danger at any time.

  1. Another great toy to give your pet is a dig box. Ferrets love to dive and dig, so giving your pet a dig box will be of much help to keep your pet busy. This can also help keep your ferret from digging its litter box and anywhere else intended for other purposes. A dig box is a safe and fun place that will satisfy your pet’s natural tendency to dig.

Fill your pet’s dig box with hazard-free fillers like rice grains, shredded newspapers or papers, ping pong balls, or anything that will be safe enough for your pet to dig in. Do not put anything in the dig box that will swell up if eaten or anything that can block your pet’s nose, airways, anus, and stomach.

  1. Tunnels or tubes are also great play items to add in your pet’s cage. Ferrets do love hanging tubes that they can go around and through. They can also use it as a place to sleep in. Hammocks will also be a great addition as a place to play on and sleep in.

Things to avoid when deciding what toys to provide for a ferret

Keep your pet’s play place interesting and more interactive while keeping it safe. You can join them or put them together and make it an enticing place that your pet ferry would love to stay in for hours.

However, you need to check the materials used in the play item. Those that are made of latex or rubber can easily be chewed on and swallowed, hence may pose danger to your pet, so you should not buy any toy made of these materials.

You should also not consider offering toys with small parts or are those that can easily be broken as they can also be dangerous when swallowed. Toys with sharp and uneven edges may also prick or cut your pet, so you will have to be careful when finding a toy to offer to your pet ferry. It is best that you check your pet’s toys for any loose or broken parts to make sure that it will be safe while having fun.

Keep your pet buys buy adding or changing the toys that you offer to your pet. For sure your ferry will love you more.